idoo Video Editor Pro

idoo Video Editor Pro

Split a video into multiple fragments or join several clips together
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Merges videos and cuts, splits or trims them. Rotates the output clips and adds subtitles to them. Includes watermarking capabilities.

This Windows utility might come in handy to people who have little experience in video editing. The application helps you complete basic clip editing tasks, such as video cropping, trimming, splitting, watermarking, etc.

The program's main window displays the names of all built-in utilities. Each tool comes with easy-to-configure output settings and a video player. All you need to do is to select the integrated utility you wish to use, import your video, configure the output settings according to your needs, and that's it. The app will immediately generate the quality video or audio file you need, without using many CPU resources in the process.

In my testing, I used the program to crop, watermark, and split various types of video files. I even extracted a soundtrack from a movie. The output quality was excellent.

Sadly, the utility is very limited and doesn't work 100%. For starters, the video player shows only a couple of frames from the imported clips. Another disadvantage is that the application doesn't bring you the timeline-based workflow feature, a characteristic that's very common in other video editors.

Furthermore, idoo Video Editor Pro supports only 2 subtitle formats (SRT or ASS). Hence, popular formats like SUB or TXT aren't supported.

To conclude, I'd say you should try a different app for editing your videos. This app comes with many flaws and is quite pricey considering what it has to offer.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Works with various video formats
  • Helps you extract soundtracks from movies
  • Provides you with various built-in tools
  • Comes with easy-to-configure output settings


  • The video player doesn't work properly
  • Lacks timeline-based workflow feature
  • Supports only 2 subtitle formats
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